# Guelph Non-Tax Supported Budget for 2015

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Tonight the 2015 non-tax supported budget was passed by council. Our staff originally predicted future budgets at a 10% increase year over year. Instead they presented to this council a 4.3% increase and then with further tweaking landed it at 4.1%.

This budget comprises of:

Wastewater Services:

The $28.8 million operating and $192.1 million 10-year capital budget and forecast support continued optimization of Guelph’s wastewater systems.

Building Services:

The $3 million operating and $166,000 10-year capital budget and forecast include continued investments to improve the City’s online building permit application system, and enhance service to residential and commercial customers.

Court Services:

The $3.35 million operating and $682,400 10-year capital budget and forecast include plans to implement convenient e-ticket processes.

These departments are funded through fees and rates. Not through your property taxes. This 4.1% increase over 2014 is approximately $2.58 per month for average residential annual bill.

Here is a link to the city media release: CLICK HERE

All budget related info is HERE

Next dates you should be aware of are:

February 25 – Proposed Capital Budget presentation and public delegations

February 26 – Proposed Local Boards Operating and Capital Budget presentation

March 5 – Proposed Operating Budget presentation

March 11 – Public delegation night

March 25 – Council deliberates and approves Operating and Capital budgets

March 31 – additional meeting for budget approvals if necessary

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One response to “# Guelph Non-Tax Supported Budget for 2015”

  1. Cam:

    You have a golden opportunity to address a very simple situation, and make it win-win-win for yourself, the City, and Citizens.

    Today’s Merc carries this story:
    [City of Guelph tells neighbourhood to stop using unauthorized outdoor rink]

    I can understand the City having concerns…but I can *more than equally* realize what a golden opportunity you have to intercede to *champion* this by taking a new approach on this. The Ajax incident is well known to many, the TorStar making a prominent feature out of it, as well as many other media.

    You have a wonderful example of *Citizen Initiative*…*Community Building* and people doing what they do naturally and enthusiastically to stay healthy, involved and *get to know each other*. If you set-up a program to do this, it would cost a bundle, and bureaucrats would probably design the fun right out of it. You have citizens providing out of their own pockets to supply and oversee this.

    *How much better can it get* than that?

    [non-tax supported budget]?

    Hey…this is a damn good start. Nurture this, don’t stymie it!

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