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Is The City in The Penalty Box?

Hi everyone! (Especially those in the Summerfield Drive and Grey Oak Drive Pine Ridge subdivision.)

As the picture states above, I, along with city staff, are feeling like we’re in the penalty box today.

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I’ve heard from some of you about the news that the City has asked neighbours to stop using an unauthorized outdoor rink constructed on City property in the south end.

I 100% get it. It’s an awesome outdoor rink. The kids love it. My own kids would love it. They’re out in the sunshine instead of in front of the X box.

City staff get it too. I just came from a meeting about it because this issue is very important to me. Staff has assured me that they are reaching out to the neighbours to explore possible solutions that work for everyone.

So why did it need to be shut down in the first place?

You can’t just build something like this on City property without asking, and expect the City to look the other way once it’s received a formal complaint. You can’t build a shed in a city park or construct a trampoline on the steps of the Sleeman Centre. Even if you had good intentions. Even if it’s awesome and people (including me) love it.

The City has to balance a lot of factors – public safety, liability and legal issues, environmental concerns, neighbourhood concerns. This natural area might not be the best place for a rink. Then again, it might be – but we need to do some work to find out.

And that’s exactly what we’re doing.


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