John Tory Says it Perfectly 

John Tory, Mayor of Toronto, is quoted in response to those that think that raising taxes higher is the only way to go:

The notion that we should just resign ourselves now to the fact that the only way out of this is through big tax increases this year, next year and the year after that and the year after that, I don’t accept it,” Tory said. “I think that’s an admission of failure and I think it is an admission of defeat.”

Well said John. Well said.


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  1. Greg Clark Avatar
    Greg Clark

    The key to that statement is that you have the correct budget in first place. If your budget process has been broken for a long time chances are that you are either over or under budgeting for services. Either way, the annual increase is only 3% of the problem, the other 97% is the existing budget. For me the 97% is the bigger concern than the 3%.

    1. stephen s Avatar
      stephen s

      It’s a very good point. Allow me to phrase this another way: Until the inertia of past decisions can be slowed and stabilized, the new regime won’t show full benefit.

      It’s like trying to stop a ship on a red light.

  2. Jim Wadleigh Avatar
    Jim Wadleigh

    Going into debt, as Mr. Tory is planning, is better?

    1. stephen s Avatar
      stephen s

      Debt for what? Infrastructure? It’s one of the best investments a municipality can make.

      Tell me, did you buy your house and car with outright cash?

  3. A Avatar

    Lol. How does he explain his 58% increase in garbage fees? Money out of our pockets one way or another.

    1. stephen s Avatar
      stephen s

      You miss the point! If rates aren’t raised, then taxes will have to be. Do you have a problem with “User Pay”? The incentive is there for the user to reduce costs by reducing waste, a direct relationship.

      Or do you expect your neighbours to pay for your wasteful ways by their having to pay more taxes?

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