Guelph Farmers Market Remains Open – Oh, & Thanks for Nothing!


You. Yes You. Thanks for nothing. Ruining the livelihoods of hardworking folks at our Farmers Market was a class act. Lots of damage and stress to the vendors along with our city staff – Well done. I hope you can feel the sarcasm, because I’m laying it on pretty thick.

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Guelph Mercury article: HERE

Now onto the announcement:

Guelph Farmers’ Market will open Saturday despite break-in

Guelph, ON, March 3, 2015 – The Guelph Farmers’ Market suffered a break-in overnight on Saturday, February 28.  

City staff and market vendors responded quickly to the situation, assisting Guelph Police Service and cleaning up the area. “Thanks to Guelph Police, City staff and market vendors, we’ll be cleaned up and ready to open the Guelph Farmers’ Market on Saturday,” says Rodney Keller, general manager, Public Works. Theft and property damage was reported. The value of the damage is unknown at this time. Guelph Police Service continues to investigate the break-in. Police are asking anyone who may have information about this crime to contact them at 519-824-1212. Anonymous tips can also be left with Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.



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  1. The problem is that the morons who did this have no idea of the chaos they have caused most of the time, and if they do – they simply don’t care. Grumpy cat knows that what goes around comes around and they will be found and dealt with before the court system.. Maybe they should volunteer picking the fruit and vegetables for the vendors early every market morning, plus pick up garbage all summer on market days, as part of their community service to go with the slap on the wrist and probation they will get Maybe then they have just a little idea of how much hard work goes into it each and every time it’s open. Thank you to all that make such a wonderful place for local products.

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