#Guelph Developer Responds to My Challenge!

A few weeks ago I had the chance to challenge developers during my first state of the city address. 

I challenged them that as the IOR (integrated operational review) program was rolling out through our staff to address their concerns over what was originally coined as the “Guelph Factor”, that when good news occurred to tell us about it. To step up and let staff know, let me know, tweet about it, blog about it and so on.

Well today I received permission to share from Granite Homes an email they sent me about our staff that needs to be out there for all to see! Check this out:

Hi Cam,

I would like to make you aware that since our discussion in March of this year, we have seen many positive results.  We have been getting great response from both, the Engineering and Planning departments regarding our application.

In particular, Sylvia Kirkwood in Planning has been very helpful in keeping our file moving ahead and setting internal dates for review of items, as well as getting us on council agenda for re-zoning.  Mike Witmer has recently been assigned to this project. Mike and Katie (previously on this file) have always been great planners to work with and we look forward to working through the final details with Mike.

Also, we have had very good results from the Engineering department.  Terry Gayman, Michelle Thalen and Allister McIlveen have been highly cooperative and efficient with our file.  

Things appear to be in high gear which should help us get the shovel into the ground as early as this fall, which will save jobs.  We have recently begun the Site Plan Approval process and I would be happy to report back on our progress with that in a couple of months.

I’m not sure how much influence you had with this but appreciate your attention and wanted to update you on how things have turned around since our last discussion.


Terry Ellery
Granite Homes

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  1. Mark Avatar

    Making the community better in measurable ways is awesome! It’s great to have happy developers and that in turn makes workers happy.. And that leads to a better community! Well done Mr Mayor!

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