Could #Guelph Do This? Would you?

Solar City Graph

This graph says it all.

Look at the uptake on Solar Hot Water alone for Halifax after a unique program called Solar City came into play. I believe Guelph should be looking into this. I’ve had meetings with staff asking them to inform me on how we might be able to go about having this option for our community.

This equipment can help offset up to 20-25% of an annual bill for an average homeowner. The average energy saved (in 2013 energy costs) over the life of approximately 25 years, would be over $5.5million dollars.

The city does not give people solar hot water systems for free. They broker it, administer it and help finance it at about a 3.5% rate. Payback to the city is normally over 10 years. They do this by adding a charge to residents tax bills.

By stimulating these initiatives, I believe it would create more jobs and boost our economy. From the equipment side and the installation side there would be benefits. The city website says “Solar City is playing the lead role in building what the city calls energy-efficient economic development.” I like the ring of that!

Halifax regional council are now looking at expanding the solar options to include solar photovoltaic (electricity) and solar air (space heating), on top of solar thermal technologies.

A current report from city staff indicated that an additional 2,500 homeowners “expressed interest,” and that by the end of January, a total of 388 residents signed on to have new solar energy systems installed.

Go here for more info: SOLAR CITY

What do you think Guelph? Would you install solar panels to pay it back over several years by adding the costs onto your tax bill?

I’d certainly consider it.








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  1. John & Mary Millar Avatar
    John & Mary Millar

    I had solar hot water in the 70-80 & it worked great only problem was it was on the roof & it had to come off when the roof was replaced & was going to cost a sum of money to be placed back upon the roof so we never replaced it

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