Holy Trinity School Party #Guelph

Oh boy. What a fantastic party! So much fun thanks to the hard work put in by folks at Holy Trinity School and other volunteers!
A great fundraiser is always better when you can raise money through putting the Mayor in the dunk tank. When asked I of course said “bring it on”!


And yes, it was freezing!


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  1. Terrie Jarvis Avatar

    Hi Cam,
    I enjoy hearing about your involvement out and about in the community. It is such a great way for people to have the chance of talking with the mayor! Yesterday morning, a friend texted me with delight that she had just been served coffee by you at her local Timmies – I’m guessing you were supporting their “Send Kids To Camp” fundraising day. So when it may look like you are just out there having fun (i.e. not working), I see great value in these opportunities for you to connect and be available to citizens (doing your job). Anyway, here’s my little hat-tip for being so involved and showing sincere care and being so down-to-earth and approachable.

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