Westwood Plaza Party in #Guelph


A few weeks ago I received a call from the retail store Merry Go Round who had moved their store from Silvercreek & Speedvale plaza to the Westwood Plaza on Willow Rd. They had wanted me to know that not only had they moved their store, but that they had noticed quite a few newer small businesses that had moved into the plaza. They felt it deserved some recognition from the community. They wanted to put a party together and apparently they knew I loved to support businesses and I loved a good party! A perfect match.

So today I came by to congratulate the businesses and the greater community for coming together! It was fantastic. I took many pictures to help promote and celebrate all these entrepreneurs and risk takers that are providing income for themselves and jobs for others! Check them out here:

 Ashok Patel – Pharmacist & Owner 

DOULA – Dawn Humphrey – http://www.douladawn.ca  
Carlos- far right, from Señor Chipolte and the Zumba Girls kept everyone dancing to great music! 
Owners of Zinger Chick! Family operated!   
Owner of  Caissie Karate was there doing a presentation of the skills his school can teach others. (He has a firm handshake!) 😉 
More great food and community fun at the plaza today! 
It was a lot of fun with great people! Stop by the plaza today to support them if you can!


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