@RoyalCityBrew 1yr Birthday Bash in #Guelph


Happy Birthday! It’s a party at Royal City Brewing Co. They’re celebrating their 1yr anniversary today so get on down there!  It was great to see smiles all around from Russ, Cameron & all the others that work there!   It was also so nice to see the camaraderie between them and the other local brew companies like Stone Hammer, Wellington Brewery and others.   Like so many of Guelph’s local breweries they all have this sense of community pride and they all give back to Guelph in so many ways. Today’s event was no different. They celebrate the business, but also donate to a charity. Well done.  And look at all the employees in the above photos. Local jobs being created because of the risk these people took to start something new. 

The “Royal City” of Guelph congratulates you on your hard work!




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