@DowntownGuelph is Amazing! #Guelph


Last night friends of Rachel and I went out to dinner at the Keg and afterwards I suggested we walk around Royal City Park.

We all agreed and arrived at Royal City Park to find the place alive with people at the playground, tons of people walking and bicycling around, people dancing, enjoying the  new patio at The Bread Bar and every other person I saw had an ice cream cone from The Boat House!

Nico from the Flying Dance Company had Salsa Dancing going on!   
I hadn’t a clue this was all happening at once and it struck me that of the hundreds of people I saw, all had a smile on their face! This is why our downtown is so important and the public space offered to our citizens and those visiting needs to make them experience “the wow factor”! 

Last night we all experienced it, and so I’m letting you know that you’re missing a lot downtown. Go explore it – you won’t be disappointed!


The Boat House for Ice Cream!


2 responses to “@DowntownGuelph is Amazing! #Guelph”

  1. Ray Avatar

    I am glad you had a good time. Our last attempts to enjoy the Downtown were not as successful, but we were at the core, Wyndham,Carden, MacDonell, Quebec street area. Not a family place at all, there might be some good restaurants there but the scenery makes you loose your appetite.

  2. Mary Avatar

    Downtown Guelph is amazing, but why would you eat at a boring chain restaurant like the Keg instead one of the many far superior, locally-owned restaurants downtown?

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