Sunrise Therapeutic Equestrian Centre Fundraiser (#Guelph)

  Technically this isn’t “in” Guelph, but it’s only a few minutes outside of Guelph and a lot of Guelphites use the center.  It was a full house (or tent) of supporters. Well known host Lisa Richards from Magic FM did a great job. There were many many volunteers  and sponsors for the event so a big thank you to them!

From their website, here’s some info on what they do:

Sunrise Aims and Objectives:

  • To provide a high quality therapeutic, recreation, and sport equestrian program under the direction of qualified professional personnel.
  • To offer a caring and stimulating environment, which will help individuals, experience physical, psychological, and social benefits using animal assisted therapy.
  • To teach life skills and assist with developing the full potential of young people with special needs, using a farm environment and farm related activities.
  • To teach the participant responsibility through the care and management of the program horses, farm property and gardens.
  • To raise awareness in the community regarding the program’s impact on the challenges faced and overcome by children and adults with special needs.
  • To continually seek new goals for the program and the participants.

 Above is one of the many volunteers, Mercedes, who helped my daughter and I feed the horses!


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