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City invites residents, businesses to share ideas about water conservation on June 23

Water Efficiency Strategy update provides opportunities for public input:

Guelph, ON, June 16, 2015—The City of Guelph is updating the 2009 Water Conservation and Efficiency Strategy. The first public open house will be held at City Hall on Tuesday, June 23 from 7 to 9 p.m. The open house will provide a forum for public feedback and suggestions about current and future programs.

“We’re hoping people will bring ideas about improvements to our existing programs, as well as suggestions for new programs,” said Wayne Galliher, Manager of Technical Services for City of Guelph Water Services. “We know that Guelph is a community that cares about water conservation, and we want to know what else people would like to do, and how the City might be able to support them.”

The City identified the need for the strategy update following an update to the Water Supply Master Plan in 2014. The updated Master Plan included a revised water use reduction target of 9,150 cubic metres per day by 2038, an amount equivalent to four Olympic sized swimming pools. Water conservation programs were recognized as a top priority for continued success. In addition, pending market saturation of some longer standing water conservation programs and changes to available technology make an update timely. The update will ensure the City continues to offer effective programs that provide value for the community and help meet reduction targets.

Conservation and efficiency program success:

Since 2006, Guelph has reclaimed more than 7,000 cubic metres of water capacity per day. As a result, the City has been able to delay the need for more than $35 million worth of water and wastewater infrastructure upgrades by investing $8.6 million in water conservation programs.

Guelph’s current average day water use of 167 litres per person is much lower than 2011 provincial and national averages of 207 litres and 251 litres, respectively. Guelph’s 2011 average day water use was 177 litres per person.

Many ways to get involved:

“We recognize not everyone can attend the open house, and we want to hear from as many people as possible, so we’re providing different ways to participate,” noted Galliher. “In addition to the open house we’ll have an online forum for collecting feedback and ideas, and we’ll be talking to people at events this summer including Canada Day in the Park and Ribfest.”

The City will also host two open houses for the public later this fall. These open houses will focus on the future direction of water conservation programs in Guelph.

For more information about the strategy update and news about opportunities to get involved, visit

For more information:

Wayne Galliher, Manager of Technical Services Water Services 519-822-1260 extension 2106

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