The @GuelphMercury Says it’s Up For A Debate #Guelph!

Today’s Guelph Mercury editorial takes a swipe at both myself, and our city staff.

Read it HERE.

The way I read their editorial is like they’re implying, that I and/or staff weren’t quite upfront with the citizens of Guelph when a barrel was found (again) during the ongoing construction on Wellington.

They wrote it in a way that plants the seed of doubt in the readers mind by suggesting that when I stated that the city is being  “transparent” and “very good,” at reporting these events, that perhaps instead we are purposely being misleading.

Give me a break.

And that is when the Mercury says that my positive comments are:

“… up for debate.”

There’s inaccuracies in the Mercury coverage. 

  • The piece suggests two barrels were discovered Wednesday. This is not the case. One barrel was discovered Wednesday. Staff reported as much to Council Thursday morning and in its first of two media releases Thursday.
  • The coverage also creates the impression workers were sent to hospital Wednesday. This is not so. Workers were sent to hospital Thursday and later released. 
  • It was also on Thursday that it became apparent that crumpled metal near the first drum was likely a second drum. The City issued a second news release with that new information and in it included reference to workers being taken to hospital.

We appreciate the public and media expect updates in real time. Staff have been responsive throughout this complex construction issue. While it is not always easy to get the very latest information to multiple stakeholders as things are changing on the ground, staff remain committed to transparent, timely and truthful communication.

Look, staff and I won’t see eye to eye on every issue. Thats a given. But don’t belittle our staff when I know they’re doing the best job they can on this issue and doing it with integrity.

So enjoy the debate folks. 


4 responses to “The @GuelphMercury Says it’s Up For A Debate #Guelph!”

  1. Stu Burke Avatar
    Stu Burke

    It’s hard to even call the Mercury article an article at all. It’s an anonymous blog. Leads me to believe the ‘writer’ of the blog has creditably issues or a long history of attacking Cam. Either way, the blog is a lame attempt to create a story out of nothing. Again. Seems to be a recurring problem with the Mercury, its writers and its blogs.

    Keep going strong Cam. The majority of us are proud of you.

  2. Peter McCaskell Avatar
    Peter McCaskell

    Reading Mayor Guthrie’s blog entry reinforces why me and my family were pre-election, and now even more so post-election, proud supporters of Cam and so very appreciate of his leadership and integrity. How unfortunate that the Mercury chose to “shoot from the lip” without first acquiring an understanding of the facts – they differ substantially from what the Mercury implies. And how fortunate that we have a Mayor who communicates the facts in a timely and transparent manner. Thank you Cam for all you’re doing for us. Keep up the great work and know that your efforts are appreciated! As for the Guelph Mercury – I would hope they will strive in future to acquire an understanding of the facts before exercising their right to make editorial comment.

    Peter McCaskell

  3. Steve Hildebrandt Avatar
    Steve Hildebrandt

    Keep in mind who you’re dealing with here, Cam. This is the same newspaper that worshipped the air Queen Karen breathed and that hates anyone who opposed her! They are going to do everything they can to make you look incompetent, inept or even dishonest; including misleading reporting and outright lies. They did it to Kate Quarrie, and they’ll do it to you too. Keep up your good work, Cam! And keep posting things like this on facebook where the Merc can’t twist your words!

    1. Barry Avatar

      Agree totally with Steve H and Cam you are above this and it is the Mercury that needs a lesson in ethics!

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