@Uber Arrives in #Guelph – What Say You?

An article in the Guelph Mercury about its arrival is HERE.
What do you think Guelph?

Fair? Not fair? Competition is good? It should be heavily regulated?  Regulations should be lifted for all? Liability issues?

Let me know.


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  1. Sonya Avatar

    Nowadays everyone seems willing to circumvent rules as long as it suits them…until of course when it comes to THEIR jobs and their ability to make a living. Then listen for the whining. So selfish and short sighted the world is becoming.. Question is; are people to stupid to know unfair or simply don’t care, unless it’s their livelihood. Pick one

  2. Chris Avatar

    UBER would not exist if there wasn’t a need. Try to get a cab in Guelph during peak times.
    There should always be choice for the consumer , never should there be a limit on business in any particular industry. Everyone enjoying only having Rogers or bell to chose from for TV and Internet?!?!?
    Didn’t think so , so why should we only have 2 cab companies running these streets ?
    Remember when” nobody ” wanted Walmart ? Busy place indeed.
    Competition is healthy.

  3. Virginia Sinnott Avatar

    Sure competition is good but let’s make it a level playing field. Anybody signing up with Uber to drive people around should have to face the same regulations as taxi drivers. Same insurance requirements etc etc. So Council needs to check the court ruling….probably can’t touch Uber but you can enforce regulation for their “independent contractors” if in fact that is legally what they are. Perhaps some regulations on taxi drivers need to be changed.

    1. Mike Wisniewski Avatar
      Mike Wisniewski

      Is all for a level playing field. So, let’s now deregulate the cab company.

  4. Nicholas Kelly Avatar
    Nicholas Kelly

    Hi Cam,
    Thanks for asking about this issue. At least we get a chance to be heard, even I it’s an impossible battle.

    My view is thus, Let’s all just work for cash and deregulate everything (sarcasm implied) then it would be fair. I’m a carpenter, I detest that some carpenters are ‘fly by nighters’. I pay insurance wsib and 2 different taxes. Taxis pay insurance, licenses, and taxes too, as well as heavy regulations. Uber should be viewed the same as scammers of other sectors who are involved with tax evasion or operating without insurance. As for the congestion, since when has utilitarianism become an acceptable mode of ethics for Canadians? Just because it’s helping with congestion doesn’t make it acceptable. Either taxis need deregulation or Uber needs heavy regulations.

    Thanks again.

    1. Mike Wisniewski Avatar
      Mike Wisniewski

      You offer an option in your last sentence. I choose “taxis need deregulation”.

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