#Guelph Taxes – Preparing for 2016

Just as a follow up to my blog post a few days ago, there is a new article from the Guelph Mercury HERE that I hope you will read.

Then , become involved in this upcoming budget process. 

On Twitter, I’ll be using the hashtag #GuelphBudget as I have for a few years, so follow along.

I mention in the article that I am looking for us all to be working together to find ways of bringing tax relief to our city. That means staff, councillors and the community at large. 

I have mentioned a few times that my hope is that all of us think of the taxpayers before we vote. There’s a lot of pressure on people and businesses in our community today.

Reaching out to me with your thoughts on this are great, but remember, there’s 12 councillors that you need to inform as well.

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3 responses to “#Guelph Taxes – Preparing for 2016”

  1. Ron Clarke Avatar
    Ron Clarke

    One point I heard during the debate was that Barrie has a restriction on residential taxes. They can not exceed 4 % of the family income. This seems like a fair way to keep older people, on fixed income, in their home.

    1. Cam Guthrie Avatar
      Cam Guthrie

      Yes Ward 1 Councillor Dan Gibson talked about that policy. Something I’d be open to exploring as well! Thanks for commenting.

  2. Barry Avatar

    Well as one citizen who watched the last 11 person council marathon and the number of amendments proposed and voted down on how to derive our taxes I wonder how is it that the same 12 have no problem voting themselves a raise of the CPI and yet they hold all Guelph citizens hostage on a relevant and fair tax increase each year. I agree with the Mayor when he suggests not cutting services to get to a fair % tax increase but rather look at savings through efficiencies in the services already delivered. I expect to see the two warring camps again in the fall session for the 2016 budget debates.

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