150th @CanadianBloodSe Donation in #Guelph Today!

My goodness. 150 donations of blood by David Robins today at the Guelph Blood Donor Clinic. How thankful the city is for people like him. But get this, his lovely wife was there also and it was her 120th time giving blood. 
Amazing people that are saving lives!

Speaking of amazing people, the staff at the clinic are the best. All so friendly, so accommodating and they give you free cookies. Can’t get much better than that!

Book your appointment now and join so many others that are giving of themselves to save others.

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  1. Nancy & Gordon Swatkow (Aunt & Uncle) Avatar
    Nancy & Gordon Swatkow (Aunt & Uncle)

    Congratulations Dave! And a big hurray for Susan too! You two are fantastic and the world is so much better because of you two. We are impressed and so happy we can claim you as you part of our family. How fortunate for us!! You undoubtably have helped hundreds!

  2. Paul Avatar

    Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Robins! 270 donations between the two of them is incredible; way to save some lives!

    And the clinic staff at Canadian Blood Services Guelph truly is fantastic!

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