Stop Everything #Guelph & Get @DowntownGuelph Now! 

Seriously, get down here.

Celebrating John Galt Day with hundreds of people downtown in Market Square! There’s live music, arts and crafts, games and face painting! 

One of the most unique things this year is the closing down of Wilson St. I met with some of the masterminds behind this, Cyrille Viola and Calen Hamelin. Their picture is above. The city partnered with landscaping students and the Farmers Market to pull this off. 

Now listen up. We need to close Wilson Street every Saturday. This is one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had downtown. Here are some thoughts captured on a board asking for people’s opinion on the closing of the street:

And this comment is great too:

Under the front entrance of city hall there’s Tshirt making tables! My daughter Adi is making one!

Up on Carden Street there’s even more fun! (I took this shot at 10am. There’s 10 times the people there now!)

It’s always great meeting our great citizens! I ran into Stella who just loved Wilson Street being closed! 

Thanks for your kinds words about our downtown and city Stella!

To sum up this event, I think my daughter said it best:


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