#Guelph Fundraiser at @GuelphGrotto Today! 

I stopped by the Guelph Grotto today to support Dylan and Niko! Why? Well only because they’re off to the World Championships in Italy for climbing! Our city is proud of them and wishes them all the best! 

I was also able to meet their coach Matt and assistant coach somebody who I forget their name but once I find out I will take this last sentence out and replace it with their name. (Update: his name is Brady – but the last sentence is funny so I’m leaving it in.)

Being with them and watching them climb makes me understand why they’re off to the championship. No doubt they’re going to kick some butt. (Yes I’m the Mayor and I said the word “butt” – get over it.)

They’re having a party till about 10pm tonight to continue fundraising for their expenses to get over to Italy. 

While there, my kids took advantage and decided to do some climbing. I just want to thank the amazing staff at the Guelph Grotto. They are so great and really make you feel welcome and safe. My kids had a fantastic time! I think my wife Rachel had her heart in her throat seeing how high our kids could get! Ha! Here’s Adi on her first climb ever! 

And Anakin ripping up the wall like Spider-Man! 

I’m going to be closely keeping track of their trip and competition as they represent our city and Canada! Best of luck to you both!


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