#Guelph Wishes You Happy Birthday Sylvia! 

I often get many requests for greetings from the Mayor’s office on special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries. 

Today was Sylvia’s birthday! Her 75th! Doesn’t look a day over 29 of course! 

I usually just can’t do anything more then mail the certificates off to people but today I noticed I didn’t have any evening meetings (what a blessing!) and so I thought I’d surprise her at her home tonight by delivering the certificate of congratulations to her in person! 

Her wonderful daughter Jennifer was there as well!  She took this great picture of us!

Happy birthday Sylvia!


2 Comments on “#Guelph Wishes You Happy Birthday Sylvia! 

  1. It was a pleasure to have you at our Home. You made my day extra special! Sylvia


  2. Hi Sandy, so special to have the Mayor hand deliver your certificate marking this very special birthday. But then you are a very special lady so why not! Hugs ~ Meg


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