Quick Update on #AMO2015 #Guelph

It’s been a very busy few days here in Niagara Falls with the Guelph delegation attending the AMO conference.

Above is a picture of the trade show floor. Many exhibitors have services or products that can be good for Guelph. I’ve been talking to many of them about downtown bathrooms, parking, lighting and much more.

We’ve been meeting with many Ministers from the Liberal government on our York Lands, Open government initiatives, downtown college opportunities and economic developments. Many I’ve been speaking to (continually) about the two-way GO Transit for Guelph!

All our Guelph staff and attending city councillors have been involved with the delegations. There’s certainly the aspect of politicians speaking eye to eye on issues, but I’ve found that there’s great connections happening between staff and other staff. Not just from the Ministers offices but from other municipalities. 

Last night I met Patrick Brown, the new leader of the PC party and he was very nice. His caucus met with us as well on the above topics.

Today we have a delegation meeting with the NDP caucus as well. So we’re hitting all parties up with our issues which is good.

I got to speak to a few thousand people about how great Guelph is and why they should be jealous of our community…..just kidding. There was an empty podium on stage so I ran up to pretend I was important. 😉

I’ll have much more to write about later but wanted to let you know that the networking here has been very good. I’ve met a lot of people where I might not need to lean on them for our city today, but creating the relationships I have might prove to be very good for our city down the road.

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  1. Being non partisan is setting a good example for our City in spite of what others may think! I can’t wait to hear about his trip personally.

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