#Guelph Backpack Drive Update! @LakesideHH @GuelphNSC – Still Need 50 More! 

Backpacks galore! Actually, 1007 to be exact! 

The annual backpack drive is shaping up quite nicely in our city!

I’d like to extend a huge thanks to Hope House and to all the volunteers for putting this event together. I’d also like to thank the corporate sponsors for their donations.

I stopped by yesterday for about 30 minutes so that I could be taken through the assembly line! What a process! 

Each area is divided up into community groups. There’s about 9 of them altogether including the Salvation Army, Hope House and almost all of the Neighbourhood community groups across the city!

Each child not only gets a backpack but also pens, scissors, paper, binders and Much much more!

Pickup from the Hope House recipients is next week and is sure to be a wonderful event seeing these children receive their new gear for school!

The volunteers that make this happen were  laughing and smiling the whole time! No wonder Guelph is recognized as one of the top volunteering communities! 

Here’s a good birds eye view shot of the operation so you can see how much work goes into this! Hope House employee extraordinaire Bob Moore was there helping too!

Even though they have over 1,000 backpacks ready to go, there’s a waiting list of 50-70 still needed – They’d love donations to keep rolling in if possible! 
Drop off to Hope House down at corner of Norfolk & Cork St. 

Take care!


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  1. APOLLO Avatar

    Not to worry, Cam! I am interested to send one backpack for the drive. How can I send the backpack! Please send the information to me so that I can also contribute to the program. This is really a nice move for the children!

    1. Cam Guthrie Avatar
      Cam Guthrie

      Contact Lakeside Hope House for sure! How kind of you thank you!

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