@Skyline_living & @ShoetopiaFergus Help #Guelph Kids! @GuelphNSC

These happy children with smiling faces says it all! 

Last year on “Giving Tuesday”, Skyline rose to the challenge and donated several bags full of winter clothing and $1,000 for the food cuboard with the Guelph Neighbourhood Support Coalition Neighbourhood Group at Brant Ave. 

As this summer approached, they asked the Neighbourhood group if there were any new needs? Immediately they were told that shoes for the kids are a big need, especially with school starting!

Within 24hrs both Bethany and Marissa from Skyline, along with all the wonderful staff there, figured out how to obtain almost 300 pairs of shoes in partnership with Shoetopia! Here’s Peter from Shoetopia unloading boxes and boxes of new shoes!

Thank you to these corporate sponsors for “stepping up” (bad pun I know), for these kids!

Take care,


2 Comments on “@Skyline_living & @ShoetopiaFergus Help #Guelph Kids! @GuelphNSC

  1. Such great Corporate Citizens in Guelph. Congrats to them all for coming forward to meet a need in our community.


  2. What they did is very much appreciated! This is an example of gracious giving, where they made sure the shoes were different, as not to further ostracize young people under social stressors, but also provided receipts for some, so that the shoes could be exchanged for better suited. A heartfelt ‘thank you’ to all who were involved!


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