#Guelph Says Happy 75th! @WellingtnMotors 

That’s right. You read that right. 75 YEARS!

What a success story in our city! Owner/Operators Ted and Mike Woods pictured above have navigated through all the ups & downs of the auto industry and have persevered. 

Now let me tell you why. They treat everyone like family. They have fantastic customer service and are known not just throughout Guelph, but outside our city, for being a great corporate citizen by giving back to people, community groups and charities in need.

Even former mayor Norm Jary showed up and it was a real pleasure to have him at this event!

 Look at the amount of people they employ!

This is why supporting our local businesses, just like those all along the auto mall road, are vital to our community. Jobs help give people income, which in turn gives those individuals the opportunity to spend it within our community and enable them to provide for themselves, their families and others. 

On behalf of the city I thank you and your staff for all you do and wish you another successful 75 years!

Take care,



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