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Sad Day in The Guthrie Household. #Guelph

Today we had to say goodbye to our beloved dog Narf. 

He was 15 years old, and let us tell you, he didn’t miss a beat. He came into our lives for free from a farm back in 2000. Rachel thought I was turning the car around for a garage sale and was not a happy camper! She became much happier when she saw that the sign actually read “Free Puppies”! 

He was there to welcome both Anakin and Adelaide home from the hospital and instantly became their protector. He got into all sorts of things: from boxes of chocolate, moldy bread, all of the Halloween candy one year, crab shells and yes, even a stuffed hamster (don’t ask). 

There wasn’t one day he didn’t welcome us with his warm smile – morning, noon or night. He was an incredible dog who will be deeply missed. Today though, we can hope, and feel like we know, that he’s in a much better place.

Hug your pets folks. 


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