#Guelph #Skateboard Park Construction Begins & I’m a Tad Excited!

Construction starts ASAP and we’re all thrilled!

Here’s the contractor with city staff and councillor Mike Salisbury!


7 responses to “#Guelph #Skateboard Park Construction Begins & I’m a Tad Excited!”

  1. Tammy Holloway Avatar
    Tammy Holloway

    Time has not changed you much Mayor Cam and that’s great! Watching this took me back to Calvary Baptist in the gym or any of the many places the youth group went. Just reminded me of you and Scott horsing around. It’s nice to see that you have not lost who you are amidst business and politics. Genuine people like yourself are always the best at what they do. Fantastic!

    1. Cam Guthrie Avatar
      Cam Guthrie

      Why thank you Tammy! So great to have you comment on this!! Ha ha!

  2. Kimberly A. Paton Avatar
    Kimberly A. Paton

    I love the idea of the skateboard park. Just a plug that the Roller City Roller Girls need an indoor space to practice all year round. Hockey rink size if you have an ideas because we could sure use them. FYI. Outgrown the school gyms and not enough time available for the size of the league. 40 more players start today for Fresh Meat Training at Westwood and that’s way too tiny, even split into two groups.

  3. Chris Avatar

    Thank you Cam !! Thanks for the commitment to making this happen!!
    Guelph is so far behind things like this because of city hall and for those who ask why we need this I return the question, why shouldn’t we have this !!

  4. Daniel Avatar

    So amazing now no one can complain about people skateboarding in plazas and on private propertyeveryone was so upse when it got taken out glad its coming back amazing job

  5. HLK HOOPS Avatar

    Why does Guelph need a skate when the past one closed down …what about a indoor gym for indoor sports

    1. Cam Guthrie Avatar
      Cam Guthrie

      Past one we located in the wrong spot. As for an indoor rec centre, those plans are coming together but it is very expensive so we’ve gone out to the private sector to see if there’s any interest from them to help build and/or operate ect…

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