#Guelph Welcomes @UofG Students! #Gryph Takes Over Mayor’s Office! @Guelph_Gryphons



On behalf of the City of Guelph I was pleased to say “Welcome – or Welcome Back” to all University of Guelph students.

This is the second year we have raised the University of Guelph flag at City Hall. I hope it’s a tradition we will continue for many years to come.
I was pleased to welcome University of Guelph President Franco Vaccarino, as well as Associate Vice-President of Student Affairs Brenda Whiteside. 

And, of course, welcome to Gryph! As a loyal Gryphons fan I was particularly glad to see him! But get out of my office!

I have spent some time on the University of Guelph campus this week – welcoming students and attending the annual Community Breakfast. So it was great to be able to host them here at City Hall.

  The City of Guelph is fortunate – we enjoy a strong and positive relationship between the University and the broader community.

Every year in September, as we welcome new and returning students, we set the tone for that positive relationship.

My message to University of Guelph students is this: “You are not just attending school in Guelph. You are important and valued members of the community of Guelph.”

 “You are not just students. You are neighbours. You are volunteers. You are customers at shops and restaurants. Many of you are employees of local businesses. You are part of this community – and we are thrilled to have you here.”

I encourage all students to get involved and stay in touch with what goes on here at City Hall. 

I told them:

“I know you are busy with school and other commitments. But if there is an issue of importance to you – whether it’s Transit, housing, parks and recreation, or anything else – I would love to hear from you. And I know your City Councillors would love to hear from you too.”

“You are members of this community and you do have a voice. Thank you for choosing Guelph! I think you made an excellent choice! All the best for a fantastic school year!”

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    Guelph has a great mayor in Cam Guthrie. I look forward to seeing him at the Homecoming Tailgate!

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    Sylvia Thurston

    Fantastic !!!!!!! Thank You so much Cam Guthrie !

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