#Guelph Kidney Walk a Great Success! Who will you walk for? @CrystalDunlop

This morning I met so many strong and courageous people! Well over 100 people showed up! 

I met people going through struggles regarding their kidney issues, people on the front lines helping those with those struggles, researchers trying to find cures, friends and family walking for those they’ve lost to this disease and people waiting for kidney transplants.

Needless to say I was quite moved by those gathered his morning hearing their struggles.

The Kidney Walk is a great way for families, friends and colleagues to come together to show support for the 1 in 10 Canadians living with kidney disease. It’s where the kidney community gathers to show their unwavering commitment to kidney health and improved lives for all people touched by kidney disease.

I’d like to thank all the donors, sponsors and volunteers who made this event happen! An event that as their slogan says “Together we can create a future without kidney failure”.

I was also told that just a few years ago our dialysis chairs increased in Guelph, actually doubled, from 6 spots to 12 but there’s still a strong demand locally for it. 

I met families and many teams that raised over $1,000 themselves! I also saw saw this sign that says “the not so easy chair”!


So who will you be walking for next year #Guelph? 


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