#Guelph’s @Robinson_GMC Celebrates 50 Years! Way to Go! 

They rolled out the red carpet tonight to celebrate 50 years in our city! And what a party it was!

Above I’m pictured with Cindy Robinson, one of the partners of this dealership located right at the corner of Elmira and Woodlawn Rd. The other partners not pictured but also in attendance were Ted Kohli and Sam Hirani.

I was also able to meet the original owner, Cindy’s father, Howard Robinson and his lovely wife tonight too! What an honour!

An interesting fact my dad was able to tell me about was that my great uncle Syd was a car salesman for Howard back in the day! My parents bought a 1975 Pontiac Grand Prix off of him from Robinsons! It’s such a Guelph thing to have all these connections!

Robinson just went through a remodel and expansion of their showroom, along with their facade. It’s beautiful. 

It was nice too to see people from corporate offices there to congratulate the team!

I can’t thank them enough for inviting me. I thank them for not only the jobs that they continue to create in our city but for being great corporate citizens too. It’s often that our city sees them give back through sponsoring local programs and supporting charities in need.

Back in 2010 it was a scary time with the recession that hit the automakers and the uncertainty surrounding the feasibility of this dealership even being here today. But Robinson fought hard and won! Guelph is glad they fought because our city is really the winner for them still being here! If I’m lucky, I hope to see them celebrate their 100th!

So congratulations again Robinson Buick GMC! Much success moving forward!



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