Happy Thanksgiving #Guelph! Let’s Say Thanks!

I feel so blessed and thankful for my family and this great city we live in! I wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend too and hope you spend it with family and friends, and if you can, by relaxing on the extra day off!

With so many other issues in the world, it’s good to put a lot of things into perspective. I am often remembering that a lot of the things people (and even myself) complain about in one way or another could just be defined as a “first-world-problem”! 😉 We are truly lucky to have a great country and city to live, work and play in!

I’m thankful to all of you for your thoughts, ideas and opinions on the many things we are tackling here at city hall. Thanks for giving me some time to land in this position and to understand the role I play for our community, and for extending me grace when I might not have deserved it.

I’m thankful to city staff for the good work they do for our city day in and day out too!

If you have a chance, thank our staff and city councillors. Send them an email and just say thanks. It would mean a lot to each of them, I know it would!

Take care! From my family to yours, a Happy Thanksgiving!


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