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Hydro One Clear Cutting Mature Trees in #Guelph?

Late Friday many residents received notices from Hydro One informing them of the removal of many many trees in the next couple of weeks. 

My phone, email & social media feeds lit up!

I don’t blame them one bit for contacting me. I’d be upset too. They just didn’t know what to do especially after they saw a statement that our city was “supportive” of the actions about to be taken. 

I want the people who will be affected to know that I will do whatever I can to help on this situation. I am emailing, calling and now meeting with Hydro One representatives on Tuesday. I will fight to not have this clear-cut. I understand the risks of hydro lines and workers safety. Yet if we can collaborate together and meet some common ground on this I am hopeful to see mature trees saved for the enjoyment of all!

Our city staff sent the following email to all of council and myself on Friday that I want to share with you:

Good Afternoon Mayor and Councillors:Hydro One has notified the City and nearby residents that they will be undertaking some vegetation management under their transmission corridor in the area of Water Street and Pacific Place, to the Cedar Street transformer station. This vegetation management will take the form of complete removal and grubbing out of the existing trees and shrubs. This will be a drastic change, as the area is covered with mature or semi-mature trees and shrubs. The largest part of the affected vegetation is on City land in Silvercreek Park, south of the Speed River.
Note that the community notice states the following:

The City of Guelph forestry department is also supportive of our work because it will reduce the large number of invasive species growing in the area and improve safety for trail users.”

More precisely, while the City of Guelph forestry staff accepts that Hydro One has the legislative authority to undertake this work, we have not been asked for our approval or permission, but rather, like other stakeholders, we have been given notice. We recognize some gain in the undertaking; specifically, that the substantial area of mature buckthorn, an invasive exotic, will be replaced eventually by native grassland species. On the other hand, there are existing pockets of native trees and shrubs that we’d be quite happy to keep on the landscape, if that were possible.

Concerns and questions should be directed as Hydro One’s notice suggests:

For additional information, please contact:

Ani Bekmezian, Community Relations Officer

Tel: 1-877-345-6799 or by email at

Hoping this information helps.


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