@DowntownGuelph Welcomes the Stop Gap Campaign! @MegDunning1 @StopGapRamp

Meg Dunning, our DGBA promotions & membership coordinator, kicks off the event telling everyone that these colourful ramps you see in the background are not just going to change the landscape of our downtown, they’re going to change people’s lives.


One of the best lines I heard while at the event was when someone in a wheelchair was able to use one of the ramps to get into a store and they said to the owner “this is the first time I’ve ever been in your store!”

And these ramps aren’t just for those with accessibility issues. It’s good for those needing to make deliveries and even for strollers.

The reason these are so needed in our downtown is because of the 100-plus year old buildings and infrastructure that just never thought of those with accessibility needs. 

So is Stop Gap the solution? These ramps are it? Not at all. It’s a “gap” that still exists but these wooden ramps, all custom made for each store, will help until a permanent solution is found.

The site for Stop Gap is HERE

I’d like to thank our Downtown Guelph Business Association for embracing this initiative and for all the stores who have signed up for ramps.


3 responses to “@DowntownGuelph Welcomes the Stop Gap Campaign! @MegDunning1 @StopGapRamp”

  1. Lynn Avatar

    It’s about time. It is sincerely aggravating to have staff from a major downtown business proudly admit that the owner was able to use a “loophole” to avoid having to make their Quebec St business front door accessible. Never went into that store again..so, since late 70’s-early 80’s.

  2. Scott Pembleton Avatar
    Scott Pembleton

    What a great idea and overall project!

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