Great Update on @CityofGuelph @OpenGuelph Initiative For Our Citizens! #Guelph


Recently our Open Government Program Manager presented an update to the Governance Committee on Open Government- which we are now appropriately calling OPEN GUELPH.

One of the important initiatives in 2016 on the Open Guelph work-plan  is to fast track the launch of ‘myGuelph’ , which is a one-stop-shop for online interactions with the City, through which residents can use a smartphone or a mobile device.

This project is a big part of Open Guelph, which is about how we are modernizing our services to build citizen satisfaction.

myGuelph has been described in a few different ways since we started work on Open Guelph (i.e. Open Government). As members of the Governance Committee heard, it is important to be able to communicate what myGuelph is, providing a snapshot of current plans and the range of services available through myGuelph.

The picture above describes where we are today regarding the myGuelph project and is for your reference and use. It describes what activities are active, and also those that are planned for the future



One Comment on “Great Update on @CityofGuelph @OpenGuelph Initiative For Our Citizens! #Guelph

  1. This is great! I love the concept and am looking forward to
    seeing it in action!


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