Update #4 on Hydro One Potential Clear Cutting of Trees in #Guelph



It was a full room tonight for the Hydro One community engagement meeting. I’d say there was well over 120 people there.

Hydro one gave a power point presentation giving good background information on their company, their requirements, along with the maintenance and operations required for the corridor.

They explained options that they will continue to dialogue about with the city as well. From what I saw there were two options presented.

It was then turned over to three spokespeople from the community who were able to ask many questions of clarity, background and options moving forward.

I felt there were two main themes that were consistent tonight:

1. The community needs more time. Starting to clear cut on Oct 27th wasn’t reasonable when it takes time to go through options presented to the community and to city staff.

2. They wanted an apology. For the way in which they were informed of this impending loss of trees and for misinformation relayed to them through the initial flyer stating that herbicides would be used and that the City of Guelph was supportive of the actions they see going to take.

I made it clear tonight that I too requested them to give us more time.

I want to thank the community for coming together as they have. I want to thank Hydro One for coming out with many staff to answer questions as best they could tonight. 

As more info becomes available I will keep posting here.

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  1. Wayne Warren Avatar
    Wayne Warren

    I will be watching this closely as I know how the Hydro One has plowed over every group that disagrees with their billing and operational Tactics. As a Member of Hydro One – Enough is Enough 23K members I am aware of their tactics.

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