@UWGuelph 75th Anniversary Gala A Wonderful Time in #Guelph! @Melisa_Djebbari

Wow! The University of Guelph Creelman Hall was turned into a Casablanca Theme tonight to celebrate the 75th anniversary of The United Way!

In the picture above I’m standing with Hillary who has been an intern this whole summer helping plan out events (especially this one) for the United Way and with Ken Dardano the Executive Director. 

It featured gourmet food stations, entertainment, casino games and live and silent auctions. 

A packed room with wonderful volunteers and sponsors that really didn’t miss a thing when it came to the wow-factor! It included a speech by chair Karen Farbridge as well to get the crowd focused on why raising funds is so important in our community.

I’d like to thank everyone who came to support this campaign! Pictured below is Melisa along with my wife Rachel. Melisa is from Bell and from their community affairs department! My wife and I had a great time! 

Here is my speech from tonight:

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