2016 Staff Proposed #Guelph Operating Budget Increase Comes in at 1.58%. 

Overall this represents an estimated annual property tax increase of $51 dollars for the taxpayer with a property valued at the residential average of $301,770.

There’s more to come, but if the people of Guelph were longing for an affordable increase that was at or below the rate of inflation, they got it.

The presentation will give us more details on how this was achieved, and what if any suggested reductions are included. It’ll also show that there no expansions proposed yet for council to consider.

This year it’s a “build a budget” approach which is what I am thankful for. No more having councillors having to ask to reduce (although that can still occur) items. It’s now setup for councillors to pitch to their fellow councillors and the citizens of this community on what they want to add back into the base budget. Of course I’m looking forward to the citizens giving me their input on this too!

Way to go staff.

Article from Guelph Mercury HERE.


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