Hey #Guelph! Get on over to the @KHNGHills Booonanza Today!

Alright! A family of Autobots Transformers! 

My wife Rachel and I just came from the Kortright Hills Neighbourhood Group Boooonanza and it’s a great time for the whole family!

It’s at Kortright Hills public school and it runs from 1-4pm today. So you’ll have a couple of hours to get over there!

Look out! A family of mad scientists!   
Lots of great booths, crafts and kids play zones. A photo booth and lots of food too! They even had a Dr. Who booth set up! 

I’d like to thank all the volunteers who put this on every year. Look at the work Louise put into this booth!

  I can tell it takes a lot of time and effort! And Darth Vader and Leah showed up!  

Take care!


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  1. Paul Clarke Avatar
    Paul Clarke

    WooHoo! Great for my little rescue bots to meet the Mayor! They kept saying, “wait… So that was the REAL Mayor… Of Guelph?” Roll to the Rescue.

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