This is Exciting for #Guelph In So Many Ways! @BrothersBrewery @DowntownGuelph 

Welcoming new businesses to our city is one of my main priorities, and always will be. Last week I was able to do just that by having a special one on one meeting and tour with Asa and Colton Proveau, and their partner Michael Bevan who are opening the  Brothers Brewing Company (Ale House) in the Petrie building downtown Guelph.
This was the first time I’ve been able to go through the building, floor by floor by floor by floor by floor by floor (you get my point).

Wow. This building is amazing and will be one of the prime restored heritage buildings to our downtown landscape. This building has been on the “to do” list for years and years. In fact, because of its heritage value, it’ll be a building famous across Canada. How blessed we are in our city to have people like Kirk Roberts and Peregrine Wood (Trycathlen Partners) who knew how important this building was to Guelph and have purchased it with a vision that supports its restoration. (Although I must give a shout out to the previous owners who created a landmark of their own with the Apollo Restaurant).

As I went on the tour through the building  with Kirk, Peregrine, Asa, Coulton and Michael I felt an instant sigh of relief. Why? Because I could tell that not only did we have a building owner and landlord looking to support our downtown and heritage, but I also instantly felt comfortable knowing that their tenants were going to embrace what Guelph was all about too! Our culture, our vibe, a sense of pride for what Guelphites are all about!

They showed me renderings of what the renovated space is going to look like, they offered up what the atmosphere was going to be all about and praised the fact that developments like Tricar and Fusion Homes Metal Works buildings are doing great things to our downtown core, by establishing the very customers they hope to cater – those that live in our gorgeous downtown.

However, our conversation turned to tourism as well. Yes they’ll cater to those that live downtown, but their shop/pub (and many others like it) downtown are pulling their weight to attract people from outside our city that are looking for an experience that no other city can provide. 

They have an indiegogo campaign that’s launched and they’ve raised about $2,000 already and they have perks! Check it out HERE.

The hope, fingers crossed, is an opening in late spring next year. I sure hope so! I welcome them to our city, our city rolls out the red carpet and thanks them for choosing Guelph. 

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P.S The Guelph Mercury wrote an article the day after I met with them and it’s a good read. Check it out HERE.

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  1. Peter Gryphon Avatar

    Best of luck to Brothers!

  2. Katrina Avatar

    Glad you are on top of the important stuff!

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