@Anvilcrawlerdc Launches in #Guelph Today! @Skyline_living @BellamyElectric

Fantastic launch of the Anvil Crawler in Guelph today! 

A “first” for Guelph – the first commercially-available mobile energy facility. I see it as the perfect marriage between innovation, and sustainable technology.

It’s a great partnership with Bellamy Electric, Skyline and Anvil Crawler Development Corp.

It’s no surprise that Skyline is a partner in this project. They have a longstanding reputation for sustainability, a  commitment to rooftop solar installations on their properties and a focus on energy efficiency.

This facility is perfectly in line with Guelph’s Community Energy Initiative, which seeks to cut energy use and greenhouse gasses.

Nice to have our new MP Lloyd Longfield along as well for the announcement.

Solar power has a huge role to play in achieving our energy goals.

If you drive around town, you can see Guelph’s commitment to solar everywhere, with rooftop solar installations on City facilities, on churches, and homes.

What makes this one different? It’s mobile so you can load it on a truck and take it anywhere, whether that’s a backyard or a construction site. This will make it useful and practical in all kinds of situations, for all kinds of different purposes.

I want to congratulate Anvil Crawler for their innovation and their entrepreneurship. And I want to thank them for putting one more feather in Guelph’s cap as a leader in sustainable energy technology and as a leader in supporting existing and new ventures such as this!

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