Okay #Guelph, I hear you. Sorry About Cancelling The @DowntownGuelph Tree Lighting!


Apparently cancelling the downtown Market Square Christmas Tree lighting, music and skate night might not have been a good idea. (Hope you felt the immense sarcasm within that last sentence!)

Lot’s of people are saying to me today “Hey, I don’t care if there isn’t any skating, I still would have come down to celebrate the lights, the tree the music and gathering as a community!”

Leave this issue with me…give me some time to talk to staff….I’ll get back to you.

No promises here folks, but I will try! Tomorrow night though is still cancelled.

By the way, it’s good to hear how passionate everyone is on still wanting to celebrate this time, even without the skating!

Stay tuned,


7 responses to “Okay #Guelph, I hear you. Sorry About Cancelling The @DowntownGuelph Tree Lighting!”

  1. It’s not just about the skating, it’s about being a community. What better way than to light the Guelph Christmas tree. 🙁

  2. If you’re waiting for colder weather and snow, there’s nothing in the long range forecast showing much of a change from where we are now. There can always be surprises, but the overall trend is for milder than normal for the rest of the month.

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