#Guelph Remembers Veterans With Wreath Ceremony. @CathyDowner @ThatJamesGordon @PhilAlltWard3

Pictured above is Ward 5 Councillor Cathy Downer who took time today to lay wreaths at veterans graves in Woodlawn Memorial Cemetery. 

Also in attendance were councillors Allt & Gordon. Thank you all for attending today.

A wonderful thing happened to me that I’d like to share. As we were laying wreaths at the veterans graves, a woman introduced herself to me and asked if I had known anyone in any of the wars. I replied that indeed I did. My grandfather Gordon Guthrie was also laid to rest in this same cemetery, but in a different section along with my grandmother. I explained that my grandpa was a medic during World War Two. We then shook hands and went about continuing to lay more wreaths with about 40 other people. There were 180 wreaths to distribute all together. After all grave sites had the wreaths laid, I began to walk back to my car to leave and this same woman called to me and ran over. She had an extra wreath and asked me “Would you like a wreath to take home or for your grandfather? I’m going to make a donation for the wreath for you towards this event so you just keep it!” 
(Insert tears here)

I thanked her over and over again and took the wreath. The manager of the grounds, Paul Taylor, then caught up with me and told me he knew exactly where my grandfather was. He drove with me right up to his gravestone and took this picture for me to always remember.


I think I was so shocked by what had happened, that as I write this blog post I can’t even remember this woman’s name. If she’s reading this, I really want to extend to you another huge thanks for your kindness! 

This ceremony today is so very important. Yes we celebrate Remembrance Day. Yes we also celebrate Decoration day in June. Yet today, through the generosity of Guelph’s very own Dr. William Winegard, we also remember our veterans who served our country.

It’s important to remember them all as many times throughout the year as we can.

The wreaths we laid today are one more way for us to express our deep respect and appreciation to our veterans.

 If it were not for their sacrifices, we would not be able to gather in peace and security and enjoy each other’s company this season. We have so much to be grateful for – and we owe much of it to our veterans.

Take care,


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  1. ainsleyotten Avatar

    My Grandfather was just laid to rest in this section of the cemetery last month. Thank you to Dr. Winegard and those who helped/attended. This is beautiful.

  2. jane Avatar

    what a wonderful lady ….. and some wonderful pictures 🙂

  3. Jacqui Avatar

    Absolutely beautiful!

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