Find These People Responsible #Guelph! Thoughts & Prayers to Devastated Family. Share & Retweet! 

CTV News coverage is HERE.

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Call police or Crime Stoppers with any info please!


5 responses to “Find These People Responsible #Guelph! Thoughts & Prayers to Devastated Family. Share & Retweet! ”

  1. Anne Boden Avatar
    Anne Boden

    It should be a life for a life. Hope he is caught very soon and gets what he deserves

  2. Frank Avatar

    people out there know who these other people are…they may be your friends but look what they have done….they do not deserve to be out in the public and free to celebrate life like the rest of us….do the right thing and follow your instincts…make the call…I pray for the young lady who has lost her life and all of her family and friends….beyond sad

  3. tony incze Avatar
    tony incze

    whom ever is responsible for this should be punished to the exstream of the law its a selfish act to take a life and to act so irresponsible not considering the outcome you have destroyed many lives family and friends for your joy ride you should turn yourself in be a man face your consequences and take your punishment your conscience will thank you if you have one

  4. Heather Avatar

    Straight to jail! A life has been taken… A family at loss. There is no excuse for this behaviour and shall not be tolerated!!
    Anger doesn’t describe the emotions! My condolences to the family
    I pray these pathetic ppl will be caught and handed life sentences after all THEY took a precious life

    1. Kelly Timbers Avatar

      My thoughts go out to all whom loved her and whom she touched their lives as well.\

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