Arrest Made #Guelph!

An arrest has been made today in the fatality involving Grace Glofcheksie.

Good work and praise goes out to the Guelph Police Services and a huge thank you to our community for the outpouring of support regarding this tragedy.

Below is the media release:

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On December 13th, 2015 at approximately 2:35 a.m. Grace Glofcheskie, was walking north on Woolwich St in the area of Edwin St. in the city of Guelph when she was struck and killed by a stolen vehicle, a 2007 Ford Escape. As a result of a series of events from this motor vehicle collision the vehicle rolled over and the responsible driver fled the scene on foot.

The Guelph Police worked diligently in their efforts to locate the responsible driver and as a result on December 15th, 2015 at 10:19 a.m. a 21 year old Guelph male was arrested at a motel in the city, for various criminal offences in relation to this case.

The male will be held in custody and will be attending to bail court to answer to the following charges;

1. Break, Enter and Theft

2. Possession of Property Obtained By Crime Over $5000

3. Criminal Negligence Causing Death

4. Dangerous Driving Causing Death

5. Flight from Police Causing Death

6. Breach of Probation

The Guelph Police would like to thank our community for their ongoing assistance in relation to this investigation. The investigation has been significant and the information provided by our community contributed to the quick and timely arrest of this male.

This investigation is still ongoing and the Guelph Police Service is requesting that anyone with information in relation to this matter is asked to contact Sergeant Tina Ryan at 519-824-1212 Ext. 7329 or anonymously at Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477). ​

20 responses to “Arrest Made #Guelph!”

  1. Bruce Avatar

    Lock him up and throw the key away. Do the right for grace family

  2. Tim P Avatar
    Tim P

    A thief and a coward who will probably get to serve his time inprotective custody if he’s not lucky enough to be deemed mentally stand up for himself.

  3. Paula Rogers Avatar
    Paula Rogers

    This is so tragic.. May the GRACE of God take over this and provide some form of comfort for those directly impacted by the loss of life here…

  4. Sandor Avatar

    Hopefully this individual has a conscience and will have to live with the pain of killing someone. God bless the family of Grace and may they know her soul and legacy will never leave!

  5. Wendy Banki Avatar

    Thanks to the Guelph police and citizens for apprehending the driver who ended the young lady’s life just when she was starting a new life after graduating. I hope he is severely punished and not given a token sentence.

  6. Weilfal43 Avatar

    Congratulations to Guelph Police a Services. A horrible crime to commit to such an aspiring young girl. I hope suitable justice is served and my heartfelt sympathy to her family

  7. Concerned citizen Avatar
    Concerned citizen

    Sorry to hear about this tragedy, glad they were caught… BUT this appeared on my Facebook feed and as an outsider who hasn’t heard of this, with the headline and image, it appeared as if the girl pictured was the one arrested… maybe caption that image or something?

  8. Catherine mcguinness Avatar
    Catherine mcguinness

    I am so sad for this family. What the boy who is responsible for this may not realize yet but this will forever affect his family too. I am happy the police caught him. I hope both families find peace somewhere in this tragedy. Thank you Guelph Police for doing a hard but great job. Stay safe.

  9. Raymond E. Middleton Avatar
    Raymond E. Middleton

    Poor choices have far reaching impact. How many lives have been altered forever due to one tragically foolish act

  10. Sandy Avatar

    Thank the good Lord he was caught. We don’t need cowards like that running loose on our streets. Thank you to the Guelph Police. Job well done.

  11. Jerry Avatar

    Good job to the guelph police. Now let’s hope our rediculous court system doesn’t screw this uo and let him walk free.

  12. Kate Schwarz Avatar
    Kate Schwarz

    Great work. Sounds like a flight risk so should not be allowed bail.

  13. Kate Avatar

    Good swift arrest. Sounds like
    a flight risk and should be denied bail.

  14. Barb Avatar

    Should be charged with Murder

    1. Phil McCracken Avatar
      Phil McCracken

      Sadly it doesn’t work that way.

      That being said, the charge of Flight From Police Causing Death is punishable with a term of life:

    2. Fred gott. Avatar
      Fred gott.

      Yes I agree, should be charged with Murder, no excuses for him. And no defence should touch this case…..

  15. Brandi Foord Avatar

    what a tragic thing to happen to this young lady. good work #GuelphPolice. Thank you for your diligent and hard work in apprehending this reckless jerk!

  16. Glen Ford Avatar
    Glen Ford

    The police are simply amazing at what they do. May justice be served to the person or persons involved that killed an innocent individual.

    1. Dave Avatar

      Agreed that the police do a good job but the justice system doesn’t this girls family will suffer forever but this pathetic excuse for a human will only suffer for a short period of time behind bars😡

      1. Jim M. Avatar
        Jim M.

        They use the words “breach of probation”…if this thug had gotten more than a slap on the wrist the first time around the poor girl that got killed would be still around today….you are right our justice system sucks…not the fault of the police…great job finding him…

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