Dear #Guelph, Meet The Trainor’s! Look What They’ve Done! @FdnofGGH @GuelphGeneral

In the above picture we have Guelph General Hospital CEO Marianne Walker (left) with Tom & Margaret Trainor. They are outside a completely renovated section of the hospital and are about to see what their gift has done!

The Trainor’s have such a huge heart for our community and wanted to give back in a big way! So they stepped up and donated one million dollars for one of Canada’s newest nuclear imaging and CT scan machines! Our community is better because of them!

In the video above they were surprised to be asked to do an unveiling which revealed that this section of the hospital will be named after them!

Inside the new room is a massive machine that is state of the art. It will help patients but also help our own hospital with efficiencies too. They hope to be able to see around 45 patients a week.

Suzanne Bone, the CEO of the Foundation of Guelph General Hospital, spoke about the impact the Trainor’s have made to the people of Guelph and to the staff at the hospital.

Lynda Murray, a board member of the foundation, also spoke of the importance of giving to the hospital. The Trainor’s were then given their own Doctor’s coats with signatures from staff thanking them all over the back and embroidered on the front it said “Doctor of Philanthropy”!

What a moment for GUELPH today! What a difference this couple have made to our city!
Thank you Margaret and Tom! Your gift will save lives! Guelph thanks you!


3 Comments on “Dear #Guelph, Meet The Trainor’s! Look What They’ve Done! @FdnofGGH @GuelphGeneral

    • We only just opened this. We are so sorry. Thank you for your comments. The nuclear facility is being well used.

      Margaret and Tom Trainor


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