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Mayor Guthrie elected Vice Chair of new Southwestern Ontario Mayors’ group

GUELPH, ON, January 12, 2016 – Guelph’s Mayor, Cam Guthrie, will bring Guelph’s perspective to the table as the Vice Chair of a newly formed group of Southwestern Ontario Mayors.

The group aims to ensure Southwestern Ontario’s voice is heard at the provincial and national levels on issues such as economic development opportunities, regional transportation linkages, and infrastructure. Chaired by London Mayor Matt Brown, the group’s members include the Mayors of Sarnia, Woodstock, Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Windsor, Brantford, St. Thomas and Stratford.

“There is strength in numbers, and it benefits all our communities when we work together on issues that affect us all,” said Mayor Cam Guthrie. “I want to see the ripple effects of successful initiatives in one city spread into the others. And I want to see the federal and provincial governments sit up and take notice of the unique strengths, challenges and opportunities in Southwestern Ontario.”

Approximately 2.5 million Ontarians live in the Southwestern Ontario region and count on their local governments to provide infrastructure, public transit, and other municipal services.

The group’s inaugural meeting was held in Stratford on January 7. London Mayor Matt Brown, Chair of the group, said, “This meeting was a positive step forward for Southwestern Ontario. We discovered that our communities share many common priorities as well as a commitment to work collaboratively. Together we can ensure that the voice of Southwestern Ontario is heard clearly on the issues that affect us most.”

The Mayors will meet regularly through the year to work together on key regional priorities.


Mayor Cam Guthrie

City of Guelph




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