Good Morning #Guelph! How Did We Do on Plowing Last Night?

I’d love to know how you thought the city  did on plowing all that snow last night? 

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  1. Jen McDermott Avatar
    Jen McDermott

    A job well done! Thanks for inquiring and keeping up with citizens opinions.

  2. cori Avatar

    I live on a small street off brant Ave .I was impressed and delighted to see my road and sidewalk cleaned ..thank you guelph ..great job

  3. Paul Crawford Avatar
    Paul Crawford

    As a former employee of the city, my street (Dovercliffe road) was GREAT this morning. Curb to curb, just the way its supposed to be.
    Now the sidewalks, are another story. The part at the park seems to be forgotten too often. There are elderly people forced onto the street because the sidewalk is being overlooked. Looks like a concerned resident shovelled a narrow path today.

  4. Paul Avatar

    Booked tickets to see Star Wars before I knew the weather took a nasty turn around 8 PM. My showing was at 10:30, so I left my west-end home around 9:45. Main streets were a mess when we left, and weren’t much better when the movie let out around 12:50 AM (this is main streets; I know the residential streets were scheduled to be plowed starting at 11 PM, thanks to the mayor’s Twitter feed). Clair Road and Willow Road were still a mess then. I shovelled my driveway as soon as I got home (finished around 2 AM!) and saw the plow go by around 1:40 or so. On the whole, I’d say my reaction is mixed: my street was plowed relatively quickly, but the main streets were still awful at 1 AM. For the record, no more snow fell on my car while it was parked at the theatre from 10:15 to 12:45.

    The worst by far was under provincial jurisdiction: the Hanlon Parkway. On the way to the theatre on Clair Road, there were at least three cars either crashed or in the ditch, though based on the drivers I’ve seen on Marksam Road the past three days (the red Chevrolet Colorado, the blue Honda Civic coupe with damage to both its bumpers, and the dark silver Infiniti G35, I’m particularly looking in your direction), I can possibly chalk up some of those accidents up to driver error. That said, the province has REALLY dropped the ball on our major highway though town and our city should demand accountability from the provincial government.

    1. Cam Guthrie Avatar
      Cam Guthrie

      The bigger question is “how was Star Wars?” 😉

      1. Paul Avatar

        Friggin’ incredible! 😉

        That said, Mr. Mayor, with regard to the Hanlon Parkway, some in my neighbourhood have some further concerns regarding the highway. In addition to the poor response in snow clearing last night, we have some concerns about noise from traffic, mainly truck traffic.Right now, the noise levels are exceptionally bad; my neighbour on Sanderson Drive says that the noise from vehicles is so bad, he and his wife are unable to enjoy summers on their patio like they could when they moved to the neighbourhood in 1982. I’m farther away, on Marksam Road, but the highway noise is still quite audible from my back deck (my backyard faces east, toward the Hanlon). Making matters even worse is transport truck drivers’ use of engine braking, which is window-rattlingly loud. With the expansion/replacement of Highway 7 finally gaining steam, we fear it will exacerbate an already bad situation. Other highways in Ontario have noise-mitigating structures along their lengths (and they don’t have traffic lights creating a need for trucks to brake so loudly, I might add); could the Hanlon not have the same? My aforementioned neighbour living on Sanderson also mentioned how highways in Sweden (if memory serves) have active noise-cancellation…kind of like Bose headphones or high-end cars. More expensive, certainly…but maybe we could pilot such technology in Ontario?

        I know it is a provincial highway, under provincial jurisdiction, and your response, as well as the city’s response, is limited by this factor, but I feel you have a greater ability than just my neighbours and myself to effect change with the province, and to be the champion of those living near and using the Hanlon.

        Oh, one final note: now that the snow has fallen and the streets are narrower as a result, perhaps someone from the city could come out on a weekday and check out the north end of Marksam Road near the Church of Latter-Day Saints. Students from Conestoga College park on both sides of the street there, and as a result the street is getting choked there. I submitted a request during the summer for the city to look into it, but maybe now that the snow has fallen, staff can see for themselves just how bad it’s getting there.

      2. Cam Guthrie Avatar
        Cam Guthrie

        Sorry about the late posting I didn’t see this till now!

      3. Paul Avatar

        Seems my full comment won’t post. Really enjoyed Star Wars, by the way. 🙂

        My neighbours and I have some other concerns regarding the Hanlon Parkway, and I’m sure city council would have more sway with the province than we would. Is there some way I could get our concerns to you?

  5. Marg Avatar

    great job! I don’t know what time it was done but I cannot remember my street (Deerpath Dr) ever being cleared this quickly!

  6. jenn Avatar

    Did a great job but applewood crescent had not yet been plowed

  7. jenni Avatar

    It was a great job. But the applewood street did not get plowed sorry

  8. Elizabeth Sharpe Avatar
    Elizabeth Sharpe

    Did it snow last night? You wouldn’t know it in our neighbourhood! 🙂 Lots of traffic noise through the night but this morning, no snow! Good job guys!

  9. Anne Byrnes Avatar
    Anne Byrnes

    Would be great if there wasn’t a trailer parked on the street which caused the plow to leave a pile of snow in front of the community mailbox. It’s now very hard to reach. Otherwise it’s good!
    Ps. Love that you are always looking for feedback and take action on things. It’s very refreshing!

  10. Deanna Avatar

    Great job! Main roads were pretty clear yesterday afternoon when I left work and our street was cleared last night.

  11. Evelyn Avatar

    Excellent on my street and any streets I’ve been on this morning including main streets and small side streets. Good job!

  12. Steve Avatar

    Nice and clean on Woodland Glen Drive, side walk as well
    Good job.
    All able body should exercise their rights and clean side walk instead waiting for city
    Your body is going to thank you for that
    Have a snowy happy Mother Winter

  13. Steve Avatar

    Woodland Glen Drive nice and clean
    side walk as well
    Any able body should exercise their rights and clean side walk.
    U R going to feel muscles you long forgotten you have.
    Have a nice snowy Mother Winter

  14. Dave Ellis Avatar
    Dave Ellis

    The plowing was Awsome cam

  15. Sharon Avatar

    I am a taxi driver that was on shift last night and I am so very impressed and appreciative of the response that all the grater and plow workers put in last night to make this city accessible for this mornings commute!!! Only have one critique and that was because the graters were used there was no salt spread in those areas ( so maybe add salt to those routes somehow?). Overall I am very happy to have services that allow me the fortune to come home to my family at the end of my day!! Great job!!!

  16. Lise Leithead Avatar

    I thought that the main streets were excellent.

  17. Lise Leithead Avatar
    Lise Leithead

    I thought that the city did an excellent job on the main streets

  18. Jessica Avatar

    Not bad not bad ,been plowed more this year then many other years, but sidewalks could have done a better job a lot of the main sidewalks weren’t done made for a tough hike to school … Maybe looking at the route of the sidewalk plows may help out for more efficiency and help plan a better route and parts won’t get missed ie Merrit cres off paisley Rd also half of Paisley Rd .Thank you for asking the public for their opinion !

  19. Meg Avatar

    We are on Dufferin str. The road was plowed at 3am. They did a great job.

  20. Caleb sikkes Avatar
    Caleb sikkes

    There is still alot of snow on the road down over here it’s slippery so not very good

    1. Cam Guthrie Avatar
      Cam Guthrie

      What street ?

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