Pure Excellence Shown By #Guelph @1BeyondBorders Last Night!

A packed house last night at the River Run Centre! All due to the dedication of the Beyond Borders program from Guelph! 

What is Beyond Borders?

I’ve been getting to know the students over this past year and let me tell you, they’re phenomenal. They are extremely dedicated to their peers, their teachers and best of all – their community! 

Here’s just a few of the students below!  
This year they presented their event called:

“ONE – Go Beyond, Come Together”

The overall themes were community, diversity and multiculturalism.


The evening showcased music, fine cuisine, spoken word,  live and silent auctions! Also an overview of what these students were raising money for: Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS). All proceeds went to Mount Sinai Hospital.

They raised well over $55,000 last night! Wow! A big thank you to all the sponsors and donors of prizes and auction items!

Rachel and I had a wonderful time! 


I ran into one of the two CEO’s, Jackson Wright, and I’m very proud of him! An evening of excellence made possible by his team! (Sorry I missed you Kory Melnick)!

I’m already looking forward to what the next class of Beyond Borders has in store for our city! And let it be said now, these students are 100% the future leaders of our community.

Our city is (and will be) in goods hands because of them!


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  1. Peg Bunce Avatar
    Peg Bunce

    This event looks amazing,
    Wish I had been there,very cute picture of Riley dressed up

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