Welcome to @DowntownGuelph @BreezyCorners! #Guelph @Danilynnpoirier

I knew I was in for a treat when Breezy Corners Twitter banner had a picture that said EAT BACON!

On behalf of the city of Guelph, we welcome you to our wonderful downtown! We thank you for choosing Guelph, choosing our ever growing downtown and for providing jobs to our citizens!

I was invited by Nolan and his team to come out and give them a try a few days ago. So today Rachel, the kids and I swung by for their all day breakfast. 

We were greeted by a long lineup, (which is always good to see at any business really), and saw many locals having a great time and meal in the old Sun Sun restaurant location!

They even named a meal after our fair city! The “Royal City Fan”!

Danielle was our server and was excellent! Thanks Danielle!

Nolan Reid (Mantin family) and some of his team came out to say hi!

Again, welcome to Guelph!


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  1. Annie McGillivray Avatar
    Annie McGillivray

    Went to the highway 6 location this past Saturday and was very impressed with our meal!! Renovations were done since the last time we were there and it looks very nice and has a great family atmosphere! Will definitely try the downtown location!!

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