Hey #Guelph, Let’s #ThankTheMerc this Friday! @GuelphMercury

They were more than just news,” he said. “They were an integral part of the community.


I can’t believe it. Our paper is gone this coming Friday. More importantly, people’s jobs.

I’ve already commented about this in an article today:

Guelph Mayor Cam Guthrie said he was “shocked” by the announcement. “The people that I know that work at the Mercury … they are people of integrity and excellent work ethic and really good journalistic acumen,” he said. “I feel for them today.” Guthrie said the loss of the Mercury will be felt throughout the city, in light of the newspaper’s support and sponsorship of charitable groups and community events.

So I got to thinking. How about our city make the last print of the Guelph Mercury 1000 pages? A thousand pages of letters from our community thanking them for their service to our city!


Okay, maybe they can’t print that many pages but you get my point.

So write them a letter. Email them at: editor@guelphmercury.com or tweet them @GuelphMercury with the hashtag #ThankTheMerc

As a politician I rolled my eyes at a few of their articles that perhaps weren’t the most flattering of me. But they were fair. I never felt they were “out to get me.”

Their employees are shocked and probably scared for what’s next.

So take a moment and let’s thank them. Let’s give them a proper send off!



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