Have You Seen This #Guelph? We Need You to See This! Then Share, Retweet & Give Feedback!

City of Guelph seeks public input on new digital services!

myGuelph is modernizing City services

Go to open.guelph.ca to discuss ideas for the City’s online services

The City of Guelph is developing a digital one-stop-shop called myGuelph that will offer new digital tools to help people access services, information and opportunities to participate in City decision-making.

The City is asking the Guelph community what digital services will make their lives easier or businesses better. The community’s ideas and comments will help prioritize the next digital services the City develops and launches.

“This year, we want to build and launch up to two new digital services for citizens while the big technical building blocks of myGuelph come together,” said the City of Guelph’s Open Government Program Manager, Andy Best.

“Everything we are doing with myGuelph must be responsive to the needs of Guelph’s community in order to be successful,” adds Ann Pappert, Chief Administrative Officer at the City of Guelph. “Please go to open.guelph.ca to share your ideas and provide feedback on what others are saying. We’re building myGuelph for you.”

Examples of digital services provided by the City of Guelph or other municipalities include:

  • Online or mobile issue reporting like Guelph’s Map App  
  • Mobile friendly tools for taking transit, paying for parking etc.
  • Tools that create simple images from big data, such as budgets
  • Interactive maps
  • Tools to understand council business

The comprehensive myGuelph platform will include a variety of new and existing digital services and will be ready in early 2018.


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