@yesshakespeare Has a Unique Event Happening in #Guelph Soon!

Aaron, from  “It’s Happening Theatre Productions”  wrote me an email about an upcoming event happening that you might be interested in! Check it out:

Mayor Guthrie,

This upstart company has a show coming to the Cooperators Hall Feb 18-20 called Yes! Shakespeare.  Yes! Shakespeare is a musical about learning Shakespeare, and how our modern popular culture finds new ways to appreciate and interpret the work of the Bard.

  1.  It features Guelph talent. Yes! Shakespeare features young performers from the elementary, secondary, and university levels.  These ambitious performers are supported by some of our finest community theatre veterans.  The Guelph Youth Dance academy has done all the choreography. Watching the cables of community connect during our rehearsals has been wonderful to watch and the final product will be awesome.
  1. Off the stage, we have implanted this show in downtown Guelph as best we could.  We have reached out to small businesses for advertizing opportunities,  put up our guests at the Royal Inn and Suites, and feature local businesses within the production itself.  We have applied for the Living Guelph Grant, and will be delighted to poor the money right back into the city run RiverRun Centre, where Guelphs top shelf performers are housed.
  1.  The show rocks. Great pitband with four horns backed by Adam Bowman and Dan Austin.

Here are all the virtual links to the show. You will also find more info about the show at the RiverRun Box office link.





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